Water Resources

WBQ realizes that water resource projects present special challenges that must be met with expertise and precision.  We recognize that the importance of protecting our water supplies and the increasing difficulty to meet present and projected growth demands within Florida.  Our Water Resources Department is staffed by dedicated professionals who have focused their careers specifically to the development of innovative solutions. 

Our staff is actively engaged in addressing the challenges of minimizing contamination in our rivers, streams and lakes by new and existing development.  WBQ has a statewide reputation for expertise in water treatment and distribution. water storage and transmission, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and stormwater and watershed management.  Our firms excellent relationship and experience with all of the Water Management Districts in Florida ensures an efficient permitting process for our clients.

WBQs comprehensive team of experts will help you manage your infrastructure, meet complex government regulations and address all of our environmental objectives.

Watershed Analysis
Stormwater Design
Water Quality
Water Supply
Hydrologic and 
    Hydraulic Analyses
Floodplain Studies
    and Mapping
FEMA Studies
Master Drainage
NPDES Permitting
Regulatory Permitting