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Stormwater Pumping Stations Retrofit
Orange County, FL

WBQ Design & Engineering, Inc. was commissioned through our continuing services contract with the Orange County Roads and Drainage Department to evaluate and complete engineering design to retrofit ten manually operated stormwater pumping stations located throughout the county with automation, telemetry and emergency power systems.   The primary purpose of the project was to upgrade the aging stations with more efficient pumps and operating systems, together with eliminating the need to have maintenance personnel travel to the stations and manually start the pumps in the event of and emergency.

Lake Margaret/Conway Basin Stormwater Improvements
Orange County, Florida

WBQ Design & Engineering, Inc. provided Orange County Board of County Commissioners civil engineering services to provide a basin analysis within the Lake Margaret/Conway drainage basin for the purpose of plugging an existing drainage well and diverting the entire basin to an alternate outfall location at Lake Anderson. The well served a drainage basin of approximately 33 acres. A hydrologic and hydraulic model of the system was generated to evaluate the capacity of the well and the runoff created within the basin. The analysis indicated that the well functioned above capacity and that flooding within the basin would occur for all modeled storm events. The Lake Anderson Basin and the adjacent basins which discharged to Lake Anderson consisted of approximately 250 acres. A hydrologic model of Lake Anderson was generated to analyze the effects of diversion of the Lake Margaret Basin to Lake Anderson. . A permit for the basin diversion was obtained from the St. Johns River Water Management District.

Newover Canal
Orange County, Florida

WBQ Design & Engineering, Inc. (WBQ), provided civil engineering services for the Phase V expansion of the Orange County Convention Center, and was responsible for design and permitting of the realignment of Newover Canal; a major stormwater conveyance canal in southwest Orange County. The existing canal served as the drainage outfall system for the majority of the developments along the segment of International Drive between Sand Lake Road and the Bee Line Expressway, as well as a significant portion of the Lockheed Martin Defense Plant property and the Universal Studios Theme Park to the north. WBQ performed a complete analysis of the areas contributing drainage flow to the canal and modeled the basin hydrology and system hydraulics to determine the flow characteristics of the channel under various storm conditions. The final design of the box culvert system and canal realignment was permitted through the South Florida Water Management District and the Orange County Engineering Department.

FDOT, District 5
Districtwide Miscellaneous Maintenance Drainage Design

WBQ Design & Engineering, Inc. provided FDOT, District 5 with stormwater related services to include: hydraulic design of highway drainage system for all types of projects; design water management systems; obtain environmental and water management district permits; prepare bridge hydraulics reports/bridge hydraulics recommendation sheets; prepare hydraulics reports for project development studies; investigate subsurface conditions to discover voids under roadways; make recommendations and prepare plans for the rehabilitation and repair of existing storm drainage structures and facilities; perform risk assessment and economic analysis on alternate drainage designs and materials and hold Community Awareness Programs as necessary.


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